The Attention Lesson (Prose Poetry Book)


Mask as Stones

Short Édition (2020) 

Short Édition Short Story Dispensers


The Forever Builder

Sirona Fine Art Gallery, “Chevere” – Group Exhibition (2016)

Poets & Artists Magazine (#77, 2016)


Plucking a Son

Words for a Mother

Moving or Building

Cover and Interviewed, Poets & Artists Magazine (#36, 2012)


The Rigger

Poets & Artists Magazine (#25, collaboration with painter Nadine Robbins 2011)


Art of Party

(interpreted by Elizabeth Hildreth), Pank Magazine (2011)


Surd Sense

Sporting the Gallery

Emory University (Poetry on the Move Multimedia Series) (2009-11)


Mapuche Ranger

An Introduction to the Prose Poem, Firewheel Editions (2009)



by Jason Behrends in Orange Alert (2009)


Bushes Like Ghosts

Rabbits of Attention

Pet Mistake

Clear Through the Crackle

MiPOesias – Sexy Issue (2008)


Guest Editor (7 Days in the Life of PF Potvin)

If Poetry Journal (2008)



by Reb Livingston on Best American Poetry Blog (2008)


Mouths on the Wind

The Nightmare

Sleeping Fish ZZZ (2008)


Hitching a Tangle

The Only Witness

Mailbox Cemetery

Filtered to Code

Basement of the Lost

OCHO #19 (2008)


Heaping in a Party

Accidental Proof

Jamon Jamon

An Unwilling Story

Animals at 5 AM

coconut, issue eight, (2007)


Book Review of The Attention Lesson

MiPOesias (2007)



by Kate Greenstreet, Every Other Day (2007)


News & Trends

Poets and Writers Magazine (2007)


The Attention Lesson Audio Sampler

MiPoesias (2007)



by Cadillac News (2007)


People Like That

The Kettle Clock

Perhaps, Eaten

MiPOesias (2007)


Sporting the Gallery

The Faster Attic

ABZ (2007)


Hopscotching the Shadows

Numbers Cats in the Hospital

Caught in the Mexican Percent

A Child to Behave

MiPOesias (2006)


Before the Dogs Get Deep

The Knot

The Bearded Favor

Buñuel and the Rope Jumper

Sleeping Fish (2006)


Through the Mute

The Possum Lovers

Desert Waiting

A Southern Beard and Otherwise

Carrying the Kid

softblow (2006)


Virgina Phone Class

The Gravel Dog

No Tell Motel Bedside Guide (2005)


Movie on the Same Way

Scheme of the Hedgerow Lovers

This as a Parting

History Shortcut

Conditioning the Escape

No Tell Motel (2005)


Art of Party

Paragraph #24 (2005)


He Who Can Not Jump

A Signature Knocking

Pierogi Press (2005)


4th Grade Logic

Redivider (2005)


An Independent Question

Warholing the Leper, Into the Structure

Port to Uneven

One by One

Rhythm of the Bridge

Begging Her Down

Caketrain (2004)


Mother & the Only Job

4 Frames

Bought Guitar and the Wasteland

Rio 14-15 (2004)



I Know Compass vs. The Bell

7th St. Exchange

Memorious (2004)


Mapuche Ranger

Sentence: A Journal of Prose Poetics (2003)


Radio Taxi

(collaboration with web-designer Julie Graf), Born Magazine (2003)


Octopus Trapdoor

West Wind Review (2003 Anthology)


Her Needle Name

Detroit Metro Times Flash Fiction Awards (2003)


Chilean Unmarked


Freeverse (2002)


An Unforgettable Nod

Slope (issue 17-2003)



An Unforgettable Nod

5 A.M. Magazine (2001)


The Attention Lesson

Boston Review (2001)

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